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Exclusive Auramarine agent for the Benelux.

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Auramarine Ltd. is the market leader in auxiliary systems for the maritime market, with more than 30 years’ experience. Specialized in delivering fuel treatment systems that meet the highest quality requirements. And achieving the highest quality is exactly what Sandfirden Technics aims at too. 

Marine Gas Oil (MGO) cooling system
Marine traffic moves towards lower sulphur emissions. Auramarine has the solution. Auramarine has superior experience in ship fuel systems and can offer fast, reliable and affordable service when switching to low sulphur fuel is needed. Ship engines are different and vary in their capacity to use the low sulphur Marine Gas Oil. In principle, MGO is suitable for any engine, provided that the modifications are made correctly. Auramarine MGO cooling system chills Marine Gas Oil even below 20 degrees Celsius, so that the viscosity and lubricity meet the requirements of the engine manufacturers. For the cooling of the MGO, Auramarine uses a system consisting of a MGO Chilling unit and an MGO Cooler unit.

A deal is a deal
Auramarine is a reliable partner that delivers on time, every time. The company derives a major part of its added value from its years of experience in fitting, ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Satisfied users worldwide
If you use Auramarine, you’re in good company. The quality of its products is every bit as sound as the Auramarine installation and maintenance program. Once it’s operating, it stays operating.

Marine Gas Oil MGO cooling system













* Booster units
* Gas Oil Cooling
* Gas Oil Transfer
* Pre Heating Units

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