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A Sandfirden Technics generator set consists of a 4-stroke internal combustion engine, available with fixed or variable RPM and AC or PM generator. The real skill lies in linking engine and generator. Knowledge, creativity and skill are needed to match the set fully to its application. That’s the strength of Sandfirden Technics. The program comprises standard sets and custom-made combinations with optional noise-dampening housings and/or radiator cooling. The generator set is available in a diesel or gas version at highly competitive prices and with fast, worldwide delivery.

Also available exclusively with LNG fuel  
Increasingly stricter emissions requirements and the rising cost of diesel are making it increasingly attractive to use an alternative like bio-LNG as the main fuel. Sandfirden Technics has built up a wealth of knowledge in this area and can work with you to establish the best version for your application.
Diesel–electric propulsion
What do a wind turbine and a coaster have in common? At first sight, very little. But that’s going to change. And the change takes the form of a diesel–electric vessel with DC bus – a technology that has already proven itself in wind energy. It’s the ideal solution for vessels with a variable load profile. Thanks to the diesel–electric drive, several smaller components can be positioned efficiently. For example, six standard Sandfirden Technics diesel generators can supply the electric motors with current. And the electric motors can drive thrusters.
Linking to DC bus
When using multiple generators on an AC network, it’s usually essential that the generators run synchronously. The power management system then ensures that sufficient power (generators) is available to satisfy power demands.
However, another solution derived from a proven technology used in wind turbines is to link the generators via a DC bus. This 750 volt DC rail means that it is not necessary to run generators exactly in parallel. Phase angle and frequency don’t play a role in DC. Power management is simplified because, through voltage droop, inverters create a naturally balanced division of capacity over the generators. This makes it possible to engage extra capacity in a few seconds. In the case of the conventional AC solution, this can take several minutes as the generators have to be synchronised.
Always the right capacity
That is the big advantage of the new diesel–electric coastal/inland shipping vessels. Diesel–electric propulsion with a DC bus delivers optimum capacity for every load and thus consumes substantially less fuel.
Advancing technology
Diesel–electric vessels with DC bus are a good example of an innovative solution based on the user profile of the vessel. First, propulsion energy optimization is used to provide a clear picture of on-board capacity and power requirements. Then, in collaboration with an electrical engineer, a customer-specific system is put together from the standard modules available for most functions, such as generation, propulsion and circuit coupling. The result is a tailor-made system that can deliver sufficient capacity under all conditions and at minimal operational cost.
Top brands
Sandfirden Technics uses only top brands, such as Scania (Sweden),  AGCO Power (Finland) and Dresser-Rand Guascor (Spain).
Every set is thoroughly tested at our test centre in Den Oever. These tests are attended by representatives of leading classification agencies, so that all necessary safety, materials and emission certificates can be issued immediately.
Engine Management System
The control box designed by Sandfirden Technics constantly checks, controls and protects the set – to guarantee top performance and reliability.
Remote monitoring
Sandfirden Technics provides an extra service for users of our generator sets in the horticulture market: we can automatically monitor the operation of the set from our centre in Den Oever. This service is part of a maintenance contract.
You can find Sandfirden everywhere!
Sandfirden Technics gensets are used throughout the world in the maritime, inland navigation, dredging, earthmoving, fisheries, ferries, offshore, horticulture, industrial construction and luxury yacht building sectors.

Our 24/7 service and extensive stock of spare parts guarantee that your generator set will enjoy an extended life.

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