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Heavy-duty gearboxes

The Romanian company Resita Reductoare SA specializes in gearboxes for extra heavy-duty use, such as applications in the steel, mining, cement, chemical and petrochemical industries. It also makes gearboxes for ship propulsion units. All of its products satisfy all current international standards. In 1991, production was expanded with the addition of very accurate planetary and turbo gearboxes for high-speed applications in electrical and compressor installations.

Worldwide service
Resita Reductoare SA has representatives in all of the world’s major maritime centres and can provide immediate, practical service.











Marine Gear Units

  • Revising Gears
  • Single-Engine Gears with vertically or horizontally offset shafts
  • Multi-Engine Gears

Industrial Gear Units

  • Mining industry
  • Steel industry
  • Cement industry
  • Power industry
  • Petro (chemical) industry
  • Rolling Stock

Part Components for Transmission Gears


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